Sunday, 30 October 2011

The Most Dangerous Side Effects Of Sheesha or Hukka.

SHEESHA a very common drug derived from Turkey spreading like fire in South Asia and ruinning the lives of younger generations! Its a poisionous drug with alchol added designed like a HUQQA to make it easy to infuse inside your body! SHEESHA has become a common feature in our Pakistani society! Our young generation is diving into this deadly posion! We can say its just like any harmful drug! Parents and young generation of Pakistan hardly know the side effects of this drug! Our young generation who are....

 addicted to it are suffering from mouth diseases and other harmeful effects have been diagnosed due to this intake of SHEESHA! it can also take one life as well! 
Sheesha or hukka smoking involves a water pipe that has a bowl, smoking chamber and hose. A special type of tobacca is burned inside the chamber and smoke rises through water in the bowl before it inhaled through the pipe. warns that the tobacco use in sheesha smoking is toxic. Sheesha smokers ma inhale more tobacco smoke than  from a cigratte because of a larger pipes used. Sheesha smoking brings on several side effects.

Addiction :-                                                                                                                                                       

As with cigarette smoking, shisha smoking carries the risk of addiction, leading to daily use. The Centers for

 Disease Control and Prevention underlines that shisha contains tobacco, nicotine and other chemicals that make 

it addictive. Nicotine reaches the brain in only about 10 seconds after inhalation. For this reason, addiction can 

occur after even a few sessions of smoking shisha. Unpleasant withdrawal symptoms from stopping shisha 

smoking include irritation, fatigue, headaches, tingling and depression.


A misconception about shisha smoking is that it is less damaging to the body than cigarettes, because the 

tobacco is inhaled through water. However, explains that shisha smoke also contains tar, carbon 

monoxide, heavy metals and other toxic chemicals. These chemicals can be carcinogenic (cancer-causing) in the 

body. Shisha smoking may increase the risk of cancers, particularly of the lips, mouth, tongue, throat and lungs.

Asthma and illness:-                                                                                                                              

The heavy volume of smoke from shisha may also cause chemical irritation of the lungs, leading to or worsening 

allergy-induced asthma. Even in individuals who are not prone to asthma, the toxic chemicals in the smoke can 

irritate and inflame the lining of the nasal passages, mouth and throat and trigger allergic reactions by the immune 

system. The Singapore Health Promotion Board notes that, as with cigarette smoke, even secondhand shisha 

smoke can cause damaging effects in the body that may lead to disease.

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  1. There is no doubt that Sheesha and cigarettes are the most worst things for health and can destroy human health, in my life i taste Sheesha just one time and after this hard experience i never try to use it again. However, people take it like a fashion but they forget that it can destroy their health and life.

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  2. Yeah i know it, i also smoke sheesha for about two months but then when i came to know about its side effect, i live it completly. Its not good for health.

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  3. Islamically anything smoke is haram.Islam made it haram because of its harm 2 human's body.Not only sheesha and cigaratte;but weed etc inclusive


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